• Art Direction (Motion)

  • Broadcast Design

  • 3D Animation

  • Digital Signage

  • Motion Graphics

  • Real-time Graphics

  • Post-production

  • Visual Effects

20+ years of


Graphic Design by

Anna Lupean



2018 Gold Matrix Awards

• Gold - Best Supporting Displays (Miami HEAT)

2018 Sports CLIO Awards

• Gold - Integrated Campaign - VICE (Miami HEAT)

• Silver - Miami HEAT App (Miami HEAT)

2016 Sports CLIO Awards

• Silver - Integrated Campaign - "THROWBACK" (Miami HEAT)

2003 PromaxBDA International

• Silver - Promotional Animation (Disney Channel)

• Silver - Non-Promotional Animation (Disney Channel)

2002 PromaxBDA Latin America

• Silver - Topical Promo (Disney Channel)

• Bronze - Lower Third Promo - "Disney Xmas" (Disney Channel)

2001 PromaxBDA Latin America

• Gold - Topical On-Air Campaign (Disney Channel)

• Silver - Show Open - Playhouse Disney (Disney Channel)

Emilio Carnero is an award-winning visual artist, motion graphics designer, director, and animator with  20+ years of experience creating high-end motion graphics for top brands and media companies in the sports entertainment industry including: Disney, Nickelodeon, HBO, Showtime, The NBA, NFL, MLB, Bravo, Fox Sports, ABC, NBC, COVERGIRL, Johnnie Walker, Telemundo, The Oprah Winfrey Network, The Food Network, Discovery, and The Miami HEAT.

Emilio currently works for the 16-Time World Champions Los Angeles Lakers.

“Emilio is a charming and upstanding gentleman with mad Cinema 4D and MoGraph skills. An experienced and creative leader in his own right, he also brings a fun and good-natured attitude to facilitate the "need-it-yesterday" schedules of post production. I look forward to working with him again in the near future."

Colin McGreal

Creative Director

HUGE (Brooklyn, NY)

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